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13 September 2009

I'm still too wiped after the dvd to think of something clever for a title about the food I ate today. Apologies.

Breakfast/Lunch: (because I ate it at 11.)

1/2 cup egg subst. with 1/2 a tilapia filet, flaked, topped with salsa
And 2 grapes while my eggs were cooking :)

Snack: 94% fat free kettle corn


Glass of milk
Half a banana
Veggie sauté
Half a tilapia filet

The veggie sauté was: onions, red cabbage, and asparagus, and I tossed in a sprinkling of olive oil and two tablespoons of black bean sauce. So good.

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Christa said...

Yay!! Congrats on your loss!! I think there will always be that fear of falling off the wagon...but don't let yourself go there...:) I have 101 pounds to go until I reach my goal...its a long way but I will get there:)


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