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15 September 2009

If you heard faint and faraway screaming today, that was me.

I had a second-round interview today. The first one was last Thursday, and it went well and on Friday they asked me to come in today. So I did.

I did a dry run to the place yesterday (even during the same time that I had to leave/go today) and it took an hour and fifteen minutes, and that was with a bit of traffic. So today I left two hours early. I'm usually the person that shows up early to everything. I absolutely hate being late.

Um, I was still late to the interview this morning, because there were two accidents on the highway by my house. GGRRR! I planned for extra traffic and it STILL wasn’t enough. I called five minutes before the time I was scheduled to arrive and told them I would be a little bit late. I felt like such a jackass. I ended up getting there about 10-15 minutes late. My parents said that it was probably a sign I wouldn’t really want that job because of the commute, but, they don’t know how desperately I want a full time job!

I apologized profusely and explained what happened, but I think it was lost by then. The fact that I live so far away was already an issue to them (though I did discuss relocation) and to be late sealed the deal. So then basically the whole interview centered on how I wasn’t from where this town is, and how the commute would be bad, and it was all focused on geographical issues and not my experience or qualifications. I get it. I was late. (because there were accidents – you can’t plan for those even though I tried with leaving an extra 45 minutes for myself) The commute is long. Would you rather have a local idiot do the job?

The other weird thing was in the interview, the interviewer discussed extensively, completely unprovoked, how there wasn’t any “nightlife” or stuff for young, single people to do in the town where the job is located. She literally told me there were no clubs in the town. -- Can you hear the steam coming out of my ears from where you are?? -- Seriously…what does that have to do with working there?! I know I don’t have a wedding ring on (and I am young and single) but…I was kind of offended! Please don’t make judgments about my life outside of the office. And I hate clubs!

I guess my tardiness brought on a world of other assumptions for this woman, but I think that crossed the line. UGH I’m still so mad about it! And I am really mad at myself for being late. It is so embarrassing and unprofessional. I am never ever late to things. But how can you say that to a prospective employer, when it's kind of a "yeah, yeah, that's what they all say" situation?

Seriously, for my next job interview, I’m wearing a ring on my left ring finger. And leaving the night before to get there.

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