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17 September 2009

I'm not together but I'm getting there

Busy day today! I scored a little temping action, just for today and tomorrow. So I was off and running reeeeal early this morning. The office was okay. I was sitting all day, staring at an Excel spreadsheet. Except when things got REAL CRAZY and I started using the copier! Basically I was sitting all day. Good thing when I left this morning I was also armed with my gym stuff!

Yay me! I planned ahead and actually did it. Because I wouldn’t put it past me to bring my stuff and go through the trouble of getting it ready, taking it with me, and then go straight home anyway. But not this time! Nope, I went right to the gym from “work”. I did 40 minutes on the treadmill. Either 8 or 10 of it was jogging. Haha, I can’t remember how many intervals I did. I like how I can’t remember what I did four hours ago. Maybe instead of fishoil caplets I should take ginko biloba.


*Egg subst. with salsa (I think I’m starting to get over my addiction to this)
*Half a cup of cottage cheese


*Carrots, sugar snap peas and an individual Sabra hummus thing
*Sandwich: arnold’s sandwich thins, cucumber, laughing cow light cheese wedge, baby spinach.

I actually ended up eating only half the sandwich at the time, and saved the other half for the drive home. I wanted to get a little something in me before I went to the gym.

Dinner: (as inspired by janetha b’s meals and moves! She always eats this so I wanted to try it)

*Mix of garbanzo beans, chicken, cottage cheese and a little sprinkling of ranch mix.

It was pretty good! And filling, definitely.

(There is only a week and a half before my family – that family – gets here. Mehhhhh I’m already nervous. Even though I’m doing great and sticking to it and whatever else, I just…egghhhhh. Do you just have that person/people in your life that even though you know you shouldn’t let them, they just push your buttons or make you feel bad about yourself? Sweet sassy molassy, I am gonna need some validation that week. HA!)

Listening to: John Mayer's Continuum album. You ever rediscover an album? I've had it since it came out and listened to it a million times, and have even been lucky enough to see some of it performed live by the man himself. But I'm sitting here listening to it in its entirety, and...*siighhhh*. Me likey. No it won't all go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good

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Katie J said...

Good job on going to the gym after work!

That is my favorite song on the CD. He is soooo good!


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