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09 September 2009

Food O The Day

I woke up at 11:48am today. I am not proud of this. Anyway, before I could get any food into my system I absentmindedly painted my nails with this thick top coat stuff that takes FOREVER to dry so I didn’t make myself anything, and then I had to rush off to get the mini-physical, which was not even scheduled until this morning. So I did not eat a thing until 4pm – granted, I had only been awake for four hours, but still. Not the way I wanted things to go. Can I point out this was not on purpose but a consequence of my absentmindedness and inconsistent schedule?

Anyway, my lunch/first meal of the day was:

Diced Strawberries
The other half of the grilled red pepper from yesterday
Big spoonful of plain yogurt
Drizzles of fat free raspberry vinaigrette

I probably could have done without the red pepper, but I wanted to use it up. It was sweet enough that it sort of worked. Oh, and I also had my fishoil caplet with a glass of water, and a can of V8.

Dinner: I don’t know what other recipe sites do this, but has a calculator to change the number of servings you want to bake. And then it recalculates all the amounts of the ingredients for you. I realize this is basic math and anyone can do this with a calculator, or paper and pencil, AND/OR HALF A BRAIN, but I didn't feel like mustering up the energy level to produce any of those things. Also it gives you the nutritional value.

I made the most delicious and healthy thing (I think) I have made to date. I took a whole wheat & honey pizza crust (from all recipes) and baked as directed. Then I drizzled a little extra virgin olive oil and fresh ground pepper, then added broccoli, red peppers, onions, spinach, three (broken into small chunks) Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges, and 1 part-skim string cheese, stringed. Put it under the broiler on Low for maybe five minutes? This is what I got:

Food porn close up!
IT. IS. SO. GOOD. The dough is super whole-wheaty and has just a hint of sweet from the honey, and the veggies are a little bit softened but still crunchy and amazing, and there's just enough cheese to satisfy me. I quartered it and took one of the quarters. It's a pretty big portion, but even 1/4 of it comes out to roughly 300 calories (not counting the olive oil and veggies which shouldn't be that much).
I'm even counting the "beauty" label for this one. Because I think it's just that pretty.

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100togo said...

that looks so amazingly good! I should start looking for some new healthy recipes, cause I love to cook. Your cooking and food choices are really inspiring me! Take care!


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