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11 September 2009

It's Food to Be Square

YES, I know that only works if you pronounce 'food' incorrectly, but who doesn't love a Huey Lewis and the News reference? ....just me? *crickets chirping* hello?

(I drink water throughout the day but I never record it other than when I drink it with meals. Just to keep you informed of all-things-100in12-hydration)


*1/2 a cup cottage cheese (it might have been a little more than this…I am terrible with measurements)
*~17 grapes, twelve of which were mixed in with the cottage cheese. (this was when I thought, "I'm bad at measurements" and counted the grapes so that I would have an exact amount)
*Can of V8

Have you eaten cottage cheese and grapes together? It’ll change your life. I also had my fishoil caplet and glass of water, but, can I just stop mentioning it? I had it yesterday too, but I kinda gross myself out saying “fishoil”…it just sounds nasty. And like I’m in the 1800s.


*2 small pieces of The Most Fabulous Pizza Ever
*Glass of milk


*1/2 a green apple
*1 Laughing Cow Light wedge

Spread the cheese on the apple slices. Tasty. Also had a cup of Earl Gray tea. I don’t think ol’ Earl does anything special for my metabolism but I was in the mood for a darker tea.


*garlic pepper grilled chicken with homemade roasted red pepper sauce
*spicy-mustard sugar snap peas

And a HUGE glass of water because I was a little heavy handed with the cayenne pepper that went into the peas’ spices.

My sous chef, displeased at both the photoshoot and being left out of the food-tasting:

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100togo said...

wow, good for you! You really are a healthy eater!


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