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02 November 2009

Blogger help?

Can anyone tell me if/how I can create a separate page within this blog? I am thinking about moving my "meals" to a different page completely because, well, I think they kind of clutter up the rest of the blog. And I've been antsy to change the look of the blog, but I don't exactly have the money to pay for a visit from The Blog Fairy!

If anyone can help, can you email me? Thanks!


Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

I like seeing what you have to eat. It inspires me. =)

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

I do like seeing what you eat :) But if you want to move it, you can do one of two things. Create a completely different blog (perhaps ??) and just link to it each day so people can go there to see what you eat. Or you could create a dated (use a date prior to when you started the blog) post and just update it daily and then link to it.

Hope this helps!


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