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07 November 2009

this post contains nothing of value.

Just thought it'd be nice to give you fair warning, so you don't come to me afterwards wanting those minutes of your life back.

First item on the agenda: I currently have 69 followers. Ha. (Yep, I have the humor of a 15 year old boy)

Agenda, Part Deux:  Apparently my handwriting is terrible. Yesterday I filled out an info card for one of those “savings rewards” card deals – and I wrote my last name out, and as the clerk was reading it back to me to put it in the system, she mistook my S for an F and my E for a U. Really?

And 5 years ago, a Fed Ex guy commented on my signature: “You must not want to get married ‘cause your signature looks NOTHING like your last name!” …to this day I still cannot understand the connection he was making. But I will admit, my B looks like a Z in my signature.

I’m an individual with special handwriting damnit!

(Haha, and that also reveals that I have an S, and E, and a B somewhere in my name! Slowly my identity is being revealed…maybe I should make that a weekly feature of the ol’ blog. Ha! PS Nobody Cares)

Third ("is a nerd with a big fat turd"...what is wrong with me) Things at which I used to roll my eyes so hard you could hear it, but now may actually sort of kind of understand: “Gym time is ME time”

I hustled over to the gym this morning because there is a 10am Zumba class that I’ve been curious about for a really long time – so I rush over there, and, you see where this is going? Cancelled. Agh! And in my haste to get over there, I left without my ipod. I did workout SANS iPod! I did 12 minutes on the treadmill – 5 walking, 5 jogging (at 5mph! I am proud of myself for doing this again – I really had to get out of my head for this one) and then 2 walking just kind of happened as I slowed after the jogging.

Then the usual weight machines. I didn’t try that lower ab/leg raise one, but I did some of them on the floor, so I’m happy with that!

I still have the 30 Day Shred DVD to finish out my exercise goals for the week, but I did meet this week’s challenge goal of going to the gym four times in a week. Hooray!

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nic said...

Zumba is SO fun. I hope you can make it to that class sometime!


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