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02 November 2009

Food Girl Gone Bad

I’m Dumb, 100in12 Edition.

Okay, I made dumb mistakes in my earlier post! First of all, I realized in my goals I wrote going to the gym four times, and then separately doing the dvd and swimming – I meant to say exercising four times in the week - and kind of assuming that two of them would be the dvd and the swimming. But since it’s already written out there in the bloggernetscape, I’m gonna try and do it all!! I did the DVD and the swimming in one day last week, I can do it again! Plus the gym four times. So it’s gonna be a hell of a week! Yikes.

(Oh, but did I do anything today? NOPE. Wanna know why? My hair and makeup were done (for an interview I had this afternoon – fingers crossed!) and I didn’t want to undo all of it. I have to say, it’s a new excuse for me. But my hair really does look nice. I did my eye makeup with Almay’s Intense I-Color for green eyes (mine are a sometimes-hazely olive green) and it looked pretty darn good if I do say so myself.)

The other mistake was in the serving size of those meatballs I want to make – I read through the instructions for the serving size, the recipe makes TWELVE. Haha, so 40 won’t exactly work. But I think I can maybe squeeze out twenty instead. But I’m definitely still going to make them. They look so good and hearty.


*gala apple (can you tell we bought a TRAY of them at Costco and now I must have at least one a day?! Geez!)
* ½ cup egg subst. scrambled with a sprinkling of garlic powder, 1 LCL wedge and topped with 2 tbsp salsa
*can of V8


*1/2 cup veggie crunchers
*meatloaf sandwich: 1.5 slices of meatloaf, ketchup, wrapped in a medium whole wheat tortilla.


*Nature Valley Honey N Oats pack (2 bars)


*2/3 cup cottage cheese
*steamed broccoli + chicken + soy sauce (good but once again I used too much soy sauce. I must remember a little goes a long way!)


Foodie Girl said...

I am sure you will do great with the exercise! You are going to have a good week!

Dree said...

Hey, maybe it was some sort of fate that made you type that! Haha, I'm a fate kind of person. But really, I'm sure that you'll do great with your new challenge. Good luck!


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