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02 November 2009

Life is a HighWeigh

Ha! Sometimes I crack myself up - this post title is one of those occasions.

And I'm happy to report, it's also not representative of this week's WI! I'm at:


So that brings me at an even 2 pound loss from last week! It's a good way to start the Challenge. I think I was eating more this past week (not badly, just more) so I am definitely pleased with the results!

Speaking of the Challenge, fellow contestants, has anything been decided about rules and what not? I read Kathryn's earlier post. (PS Chai, if you read this, I love the Fall Into Fitness: 8 Week Challenge. Heh :-)

There was some discussion as to whether to change the Challenge to % weight loss (TBL style) or stick to 20 lbs, but I haven't heard anything official - either weigh (HAR HAR) I'm happy with how I've started things off!

Okay, one more challenge thing and one other thing. We'll start with the Challenge thing. Kathryn suggested writing a post at the beginning of each week that states your goals for the week and how it fits in to the larger 8 week-goal picture.

I guess my goals for this week are to:

Keep on keepin' on.
Go to the gym 4 times this week.
Swim at least once.
Do that stupid 30 Day Shred at least once. (haha, I'm fake-mad at it because it made me sweat and work hard!)

These are my goals for the week. Also, at some point in the near future, I would really like to go hiking. Just spend a day walkin' up a mountain and pack some fruit and (low fat) cheese and (whole grain) bread and have a simple lunch with a beautiful view?! I love this stuff. Gotta find people to go with me and also do it before it gets too cold!

In the next few weeks, I'd also like to make these. According to the SP Recipe Calculator, if I make 40 per batch, they are only 43 calories per meatball (and I'll probably make a few changes like whole grain bread and egg substitute). I want.

Okay now on to the other thing:

I twitterytweetletwitted about it, but I realized last week's weigh in of 234.4 got me to a 10% weight loss! That's pretty cool, I think.


Chai Latté said...

If it makes you feel better...
You crack ME up too! :-)

I know its not possible for me to lose 20lbs in our challenge... but if you follow my blog, you know its probably not possible for me to lose ANYTHING at all. lol. So, I hope we do it percentage-wise... but we shall see!

Christa said...

YAY!! Congrats on your loss!! And your 10%!! I have a feeling I am either not going to lose or gain a little this week...I had a calzone last night and I am feeling mighty bloated this morning...probably from the sodium! UGH!

Anyway good job!! Your doing so great!!

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Congrats on the loss!!! 10% is awesome. Good job lady!

Dree said...

Great on the 10% weight loss and on your loss in general this week! Woohoo!!!


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