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06 November 2009

Meal Sports with Bryant Gumbel (I have never actually watched it)

Today was just a struggle. All day. But I came out on top.

First of all, I wanted Chipotle SO BADLY for lunch today. Ohmahgoodness. A Fajita Burrito with Barbacoa, corn salsa, cheese and sour cream. I drool. But I stood firm against. I attempted to quell my cravings with a modified lunch. It was nowhere near the taste-level of Chipotle, but it was a fairly good lunch on its own. Oh also it wasn’t a THOUSAND calories, so…my lunch has that going for it, which is nice. (first person to get that reference is my new best friend! I’ll give you a hint – NO googling! – the real/original quote is “…so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.”)

The second reason I was a Strugglesaurus today: I had absolutely no desire to go to the gym. None. I didn’t want to do cardio. Didn’t want to do weights. Classes on Fridays are crap.

Usually I go around 11am. Instead I spent the day going to at least five stores looking for that perfect outfit for something I’ve got coming up. Of course, whenever I have a vision in my head with very specific pieces, I never just walk right into a store and find it immediately. So I was out for two hours this afternoon, came home, had the aforementioned Chipotle Fakery Lunch, then went back out to drive to a store an hour away that I thought might have what I wanted.

Before I left I manned up (or womaned up, same dif) and took my gym stuff with me. I knew if I didn’t, I wouldn’t go. So after I got back, with outfit in tow!, I went to the gym. At 6pm.

This is when I tried, for a good 20 minutes, to keep from laughing out loud.

So I’m walking on the treadmill because – hey, at least I got there, and really I don’t give a shit about pushing myself today – I do 20 minutes at 3.5 incline at 3.6 speed. Then I do 20 on 3.0 incline and 3.0 speed. I’m watching Food Network on the gym’s TV. I used to think watching a food channel at the gym was a weird thing to do, because it seems like a form of torture. But it distracts me the most out of any other television programming so I’m all for it now. As I’m approaching 40 minutes and ready to call it quits, the next show starts: it’s the National Pie Championships. AND I STAYED ON THE TREADMILL ANOTHER 20 MINUTES TO WATCH IT! Fucking PIE!

There were two other people in the gym, and I really wanted to look over and say “Do you see what I’m doing?! I’m a big girl extending my workout only so that I can watch a show about PIE!” The absurdity was not lost on me.

Since I decided to stay on another 20, I pushed the incline up to 5 and the speed to 3.2. Ya know, gotta work off those calories from staring at pie. Ridonkulous.

So it was a struggle of a day but it ended well. Though I will say, looking at my food for the day, I could have gotten in more calories.


*pumpkin waffle with pumpkin cream cheese! (took a little of the leftover pumpkin puree, mixed it with a hint of Splenda and some 1/3 less fat cream cheese! It was good but for future batches – oh yes, there will be future batches – I think I’ll leave out the Splenda)
*cup of cottage cheese


*1/2 cup of Uncle Ben’s 90 second rice – Whole Grain Medley – Santa Fe flavor
*5 oz chicken breast
*a little less than ¼ a cup Mexican shredded cheese blend


*Subway 6 inch Veggie Delite on Honey Oat:

(SIDE NOTE OF SIDE NOTES: I asked the guy to scoop out some of the bread, which he did. This is the one and only thing I learned from those damned product placements on The Biggest Loser. I hate those things. Last week when Bob was having a heart to heart on that walk with Amanda and then he had to go and bust out that Extra gum...I was like “Bob, you have broken my spirit. Thanks for that.” He didn’t respond back, probably because I fix a broken spirit by fast-forwarding through half of a show. Anyway, what? Oh, Subway – I really had no idea you could ask to have the bread scooped out, and I totally did it today. So thanks, The Biggest Loser, for that. Now cut out the nonsense.)

MOVING ON: the sandwich I got veggies – lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, black olives, banana peppers, and some mustard. It was good.


Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

I'm totally giggling about extending your workout to watch pie. I love it! I definitely would have done the same thing.

I think it's the week for lazy days. I had one yesterday and blogs are popping up everywhere about how so and so just can't get moving. Congrats for getting your ass to the gym!

My mouth waters thinking about your pumpkin waffles. I wish I had a waffle maker in the worst way.

Foodie Girl said...

Pie... oh have mercy. I love pie. As for Subway, I have never asked for the bread to be taken out. Interesting. I love the Veggie Delite! Yumm-O!

kat said...

Quote: Wedding Singer - savings bond from his grandma?

I literally laughed about the pie championship thing...I've done something similar - I LOVE the TVs on our gym machines for that very reason.


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