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04 November 2009


Challenge Wednesday!

So The Fall Into Fitness Challenge 09’s official WIs are Wednesdays. So this morning Taylor and I had our first Wednesday meeting.

Stupid Tangent!: I have now just named my scale. Unoriginally so, I must say. Taylor is the brand. But the Taylor I know in real life makes me smile, she is a symbol of comfort, and I could never be mad at Taylor, so I’m going with it!. End Tangent!

So this is what Taylor had to say for me:


…..what? (don’t you love in movies/TV shows when they use the title in conversation?!)

(sorry for the video quality!)

On the one hand, the scale is going down: yay! On the other hand, why is it down so much in two days: eep. I know I didn’t eat a lot yesterday and I’m sure that contributed, but I didn’t think it would contribute that much. Yeesh.

Well, today will be better. I WILL go to the gym, and I don’t like going to the gym unless I’ve eaten something of substance.

Today will be better.

PS I'm gonna go ahead and keep my inches/measurements as they were before. I'm only gonna see what those are at the end of the Challenge to get maximum "wow!" results for myself!


Fat[free]Me said...

Sounds good to me,just take it and run, lol!

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

You are going the gym, that's why it's down! And I could be mistaken, but didn't you say something about your special aunt visiting last week? I hold everything when she's in town. Like Fat[free]Me says, take it and run, sister!

Tamzin said...

I had to throw my scale away. Now I just weigh in at the gym ... which I dont get too enough at the moment (going to change). I'll have to have a gander at the brand/name!

Kathryn Crawford said...

Dude! Awesome! 229.8 is awesome! You've already almost reached the goal you set for yourself to reach by January! :) Woot!


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