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03 November 2009

The Foody Blues

Today certainly took an unexpected turn. I got a call this morning to do some temp work for the day as a last minute favor (um, and for money, OBVI) I guess. So I barely had time to shower and dress in a manner appropriate in which to face the general public – and pack an actual lunch? Forget it. For lunch I managed to snag some veggie crunchers and string cheese. Seriously. Based on the nature of the work I had literally no time to stop and get anything else, nor did I have the common sense and non-frazzled brain this morning to pack anything of substance. I really don’t do well with spontaneity. Breakfast was good, I even got in a snack before I left. Lunch was no bueno. I mean, it was tasty, but in terms of nutrition and not being starving by the time I got home, I’d give myself a big ol’ F. I redeemed myself with a damn good dinner though!

(And you’ll note, it’s Tuesday, and still I have yet to exert any energy re: physical exercise. This will make the rest of the week quite sweat-tastic, methinks.)


*half a slice of homemade whole wheat bread (toasted with I Can't Believe spray)
*glass of milk


*gala apple


*2/3 cup veggie crunchers
*string cheese


*glass of milk
*biiig stir fry

I used fresh veggies for this one. I sautéed onions and minced garlic in a little bit of sesame oil, added broccoli (fresh) and then some shredded carrots and then finally a couple of handfuls of baby spinach and let that all mix. Meanwhile I cooked a chicken breast (in chunks, boneless skinless of course!) with a little Pam. Then I put 1.5 tbsp of black bean sauce in the veggies, let that sit for a minute or two then added the cooked chicken into the mix! It was a huge batch and I had a little less than half.

‘Twas tasty.

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