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08 September 2009


1/4 green pepper, diced
2 handfuls of spinach, cooked down
1/3 cup diced onion
½ cup egg substitute

Made an egg scramble with the ingredients above and put it on a piece of whole grain toast. Then topped all of that guessed it…salsa. I am nothing if not predictable. Also had my daily fish oil caplet with a glass of water, and a glass of skim milk.


1 tilapia filet, spiced with Old Bay and grilled
Half a red pepper, grilled
3-4 tbsp of mango salsa

I grilled the tilapia and the red pepper on my George Foreman grill (god bless that thing) and then chunked-up the tilapia and put it on top of the pepper, and put all of that on top of a piece of whole grain toast. That seems to be a theme today. I didn’t feel like a salad and we didn’t have any good wrap-type bread. Anywho, I topped it all with mango salsa.

Dinner:  I had a random assortment of things:

Half a tilapia filet (I made a few at lunch to have for later!)
About 1/3 a cup of my chicken salad (chunk chicken, light mayo, craisins, green apple chunks)
Half a cup of cottage cheese
1 nectarine

I’ve still been keeping in mind my effort to eat properly/more/healthfully. I think a way of deciding this is: if I’m happy to post it on the ol’ blog, then it’s okay. If for any reason I am ashamed or feel compelled to be secretive about what I’m eating, then it’s best I don’t! Of course there is always the chance that I’ll stumble or give in to an environment or circumstance, but other than those occasions I think my new guideline is pretty good.

PS: I am sore. I love it.

GLEE (and So You Think You Can Dance) TOMORROW!!!!

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