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10 September 2009

Was Ich aß

(It means What I Ate in German) A little housekeeping from yesterday’s food post – I also had a glass of milk while the pizza was cooking. I forgot to write this. My bad.

On to Today!


Egg subst. with salsa (I am so boring!)
Glass of milk

I also went for Green Tea this morning instead of coffee. Antioxidants and all. It was okay. I like tea, but, I dunno, it just doesn’t do it for me like coffee does. I suppose it would be a good goal to get rid of caffeine completely, but the jury is still out on that one. And by that I mean, I don’t want to give up the sweet nectar that is coffee. Maybe I could just go decaf. I always forget about decaf!

Speaking of caffeine, I haven’t had any soda since the Pepsi One I had Saturday night at my friend’s football (foodball!) celebration. I drank it in the hopes that everyone else was drunk enough to assume I was drinking beer out of a can. The giant Pepsi label may have thwarted my efforts but, I don’t really give a crap.

Moving on. Before I left for the gym I had half of a banana.

For Dinner:

2 slices of yesterday’s pizza (both smaller than yesterday’s slice)
1/2 cup of cottage cheese
glass of water

I am disgustingly full. I think it was the two pieces of pizza. They probably equaled a little more than what yesterday’s portion was. Plus the cottage cheese.

I did something during dinner that I haven’t done in a while – I just sat there. I just sat and ate. Usually I bring my food up to my room and mess around on my computer or read or do something while I eat. Sometimes I stand around when I eat. Not tonight! I just sat at the dinner table and ate. I definitely ate quicker, which is not necessarily good. But it was good that I focused on my food. Even though I’m too full. Ha. Well, I have to give props to myself where I can, right?!

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