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08 September 2009

"I showed emotion in public. I think I'm done."

Ha! Does anyone remember that quote from Sex and the City? Miranda. She cracks me up.

I hope I didn’t force everyone to run screaming from this blog with that last post. (thanks for the comment, Tina!) Even writing it I felt like Whiney McIssues so I’m sure it was even more ridiculous to read from an outsider’s perspective. Kind of embarrassing, but I do think it’s good to get it out, see it in front of you, address it, and start learning from it. Right? Question mark?

So I wrote the post and stressed myself out so I went to the gym. First of all, the last two times I’ve been I’ve gotten a pull-through spot in the parking lot. I am 99% sure this is the universe telling me I’m doing something right. I am 72% kidding.

It was a great workout, I have to say. 70 minutes: 40 cardio and 30 weight machines. I feel good. And sweaty.

Um, so, remember my other theory about doing good things for yourself and magic and getting job interviews? Well, brace yourself, I’m about to get real, real, shouty. After the gym, I CAME HOME TO NOT ONE BUT TWO EMAILS ABOUT JOB INTERVIEWS. Separate from the phone interview I have later today.

That’s it, *throws her hands up in the air* I’m getting myself published in a scientific journal. This theory is clearly solid and very very real – magic and all.

…Of course I’m kidding, but not really.

Okay, I’m off to shower, study more for my phone interview, and have some lunch – you know, a healthy and properly-calorie’d one. Heh...heh…hmm.

What I'm listening to: Til I Collapse - Eminem.

(HA! I realize this is a poorly titled song considering the timing of my last post and how I'm not eating enough - but the song is great for workouts and really motivates me! I want to dive headfirst into the beat of this song.)

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Tina said...

Wow that's great news about the interviews and your trip to the gym! I think your theory is true. Plus, it's got to help to step away from the computer and not wait for the emails to come in...sort of like waiting by the phone in the "old days" :)

I'm a firm believer in maintaining my blog through the good times and the bad so feel free to get whiny and angry up in here!


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