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06 September 2009


About 30 minutes before dinner, I was starving and I didn’t want to do a face-plant into my food so I had the snack in the hopes that it would ease the hunger. So I had:

*2 Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges
*A handful of Craisins.

Dinner was:

*Broccoli (with I Can’t Believe Yada Yada Spray)
* (1) Individual Potato Gratin
*3/4 of a breast of Chicken a L'orange

With the chicken we used boneless skinless so it was much healthier, I would assume. Also, it was tough to eat just one of those potato things – they were so good and perfectly crispy. I just made sure that I focused on the broccoli.

I tried to eat slowly, but it’s actually pretty tough if you’re not invested in the dinner conversation. I wasn’t tonight, so I literally had nothing better to do than eat. I mean, I took breaks to focus on my water and drink a few glasses of that to slow myself down, but I still felt like I was eating too fast. I’ve noticed that when I’ve been out to dinner and really engaged in storytelling or conversations that I eat way less, but it takes me more time to eat. And I’m still full at the end. Trickery! Hmmph.

After dinner I wanted something sweet but I thought to myself: Me, if our self-control is under control, let’s capitalize on that, shall we? So I’m just having water with one of those Wal-Mart Sugar-Free drink mixes, you know the individual ones you put in your water bottle? I have the Cherry-Limeade ones, and I kid you not, it tastes like a melted popsicle. And again, I do not make such endorsements lightly. You won’t find any “flavored air tastes JUST LIKE A COOKIE” nonsense around these parts.

PS: To my lovely commenters, thank you! I know I just started this blog and I’m a n00b to the weight-loss blogging community, so it’s so great to hear from you and I’ve loved reading your blogs too. And I will continue to do so!

What I’m listening to: Coconut Records – This Old Machine
What I’m watching: Family Guy –“Don’t Make Me Over” S4E4

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