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06 September 2009

Fine, FINE.

Okay, I’m just gonna cowboy up and put it up there. I took pictures. Meh.

This is what 260, size 24, looks like.

I took them right before I left yesterday. Hope you enjoy my obnoxiously orange t-shirt! That's how we roll at VT. Even though we ended up losing to Alabama. Sad face.

Honestly, I feel bigger than these pictures make me look. Which I suppose isn't a bad thing. Maybe it's the dark-wash jeans.

My least favorite – and what I hope will become my most favorite – part of the picture(s) is the several hundred chins I’m sporting. Because...

...Can I tell you something? Promise you won’t tell? I actually think I’m pretty. I like my face. And somewhere along the line I developed the mindset that thinking such things about yourself was a bad thing. And during SuccessfulWeightLoss1.0 (SWL1?), you could definitely tell that I had lost weight by my face. Namely, one less chin every so many pounds. It was my favorite part about losing weight, and I can’t wait to see it again, and go further this time. God/Allah/Alanis Morrissette willing.

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100togo said...

Why shouldn't you think you're pretty? I"m sure you are! And you ARE allowed to say it ... fat doesn't mean ugly!!!!

(I wrote about this in my first post: 100 lbs to go:

Take care! And good for you for posting your pictures. I still can't get that far! YOu have courage to do this!


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