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08 September 2009

To add to this evening: I danced around my room to some songs, only for 14 minutes. My legs were totally burning though because one of the songs had a salsa beat and I was moving my legs and basically I was doing mini-lunges for 4 minutes straight! It was fun though.

I read for a while tonight too. I started reading Water for Elephants. It’s one I’ve wanted to read for a while. It’s captivating so far and I’m only on page 83! I was reading a blog entry on A Merry Life and she was talking about mindfulness and spending time away from the computer, engaged in life and what not. I get it. I love this blog so far and I really think it’s becoming a crucial part of what I’m doing, but I should experience life outside of a computer screen. Spend time away from the computer with a real book, or with friends face to face, or at the gym, or what have you. And I do all of these things, but it was a well-timed reminder. I’ve been enjoying this blog so much and writing and adding links and finding new people and such. Meanwhile I'm checking for job opportunities constantly and between the blog and the job hunting and searching I do spend a lot of time online. I guess it puts a dent in life, now that I read that back to myself. In my defense they both have greater purposes, but still.

While we’re on the subject of being glued to electronic screens, I love television. And with the new episodes of shows coming back this month, I’m not gonna lie to you: I’m hyped. I’ve already mentioned a zillion times how much I love Glee – when I first watched the pilot episode back in May, I cried at the end. I CRIED. I felt hopeful and cheerful for the first time in a really long time, because of what the unemployment funk did to me, or rather, what I let it do to me. Anyway, that show sucked me in and gave me hope and I was thankful for it, even if it is kind of embarrasing! I watched the director’s cut online last week and I still welled up. So that show will have my loyalty forever, no matter what.

I watch a bunch of shows. Mostly network stuff. I don't really watch a whole lot of cable because when my parents upgraded our service to an astronomical amount of channels, they all switched and I'm too overwhelmed to learn the new order and channels so I just don't watch them anymore. I love Food Network and HGTV and Nat Geo and Discovery stuff and some Bravo/MTV/VH1/Comedy Central stuff - but I just don't want to spend half the day looking for the channel. (SLAM ON THE BRAKES, am I an 80 year old? Geez.)

For me, I think it’ll be important to do other things in addition to watching TV. Because I don’t think there is anything wrong with watching programs that inspire me, or at the very least make me laugh. Laughter is always a good thing! So that’s my little soapbox defense of the television shows. EXCEPT:

I definitely want to break up with One Tree Hill. UGH that motherfucking show. See? I get angry just thinking about it. I started watching it in college, and it just keeps. on. existing. For the past two seasons I’ve been hoping the show will be cancelled so I won’t have to watch it anymore – I think that means I should probably just quit it. So I’m going to. I feel better already!

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