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10 September 2009

It's a wonder man can eat at all, when things are big, that should be small

I have a question - when any bloggers out there sign into their Blogger accounts, is there a piece of cake overlapping the 'B' logo on anyone else's sign-in page? Because there is on mine.

Is there some sort of Blogger Anniversary I am unaware of, or do they know this is a weight-loss blog and they're a bunch of assholes? What does it mean?!

Ahem. Moving on.

I have been thinking about my anonymity. I started the blog that way (I say this like it was eons ago. It was last frigging week.) because, I don't know, I don't want my real life friends knowing about it? Though it's fairly presumptuous to think my friends spend any time googling my name or whatever. But I created this blog with a new gmail address ( and a Spark People Account and all this, but still hiding who I am.

And I don't think it's a big deal, really. Who really cares? Maybe I'm just not ready. I still have a long way to go (twelve months and about 95 pounds, to be exact) and maybe I want to be able to speak freely about my friends and family without worrying about feelings getting hurt. I certainly don't set out to be negative because I am quite lucky for the friends and family that I have. But sometimes I am frustrated, and I'm sure as hell gonna write about it. Just as much as I'll write about the good times - actually, I'll write about the good times more 'cause there are more good times than bad, so sorta scratch that.

I've been bored tonight. CLEARLY, you say with an eye roll that I can practically hear. I had a fairly productive day, but I finished Water for Elephants (soooo goooood [said in Billy Madison voice, please]) last night and I haven't started a new one yet. Anyway I was playing around on Virtual Model or whatever the hell it's called, and I did one for myself, in a variety of fun settings. The current size is 253. Which apparently looks the same as 260. Can't say I'm surprised. The newer skinner Me is set at 160. I would do many shameful things to look like that. Or just start a blog and eat well and exercise. But also terrible, illegal things. And actually, the FakeMe does like the RealMe. I have that hairstyle and color almost exactly. So you can pretend to know what I look like.

I call this one, "It May Be Europe, But I'm Still Dressed Inappropriately!"

This one is titled: "Holy Shit, I'm FREEZING!"


FatToFit_Anna said...

Thanks for the comment on my Blog. Isn't that list fun? I've started seeing it everywhere since I posted it. (Not taking credit for the viralness, just that I'm not as cool and ahead of things as I thought I was)

I have my secret Fat Identity as well. I think I keep mine secret b/c I knew I wanted to do this 100% which for me included underwear before photos. Gasp. Certainly didn't want people I actually know stumbling upon those. No thank you.

So I know what you mean.

100togo said...

My blog is anonymous, too. I don't want to share this stuff with people that would have no understanding of it whatsoever. I have tried the Virtual Model, too. I think her version of 260 looks better than mine but it still gives me an idea! Love the titles of those virtual model pics. Haha!


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