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06 September 2009

No, I don't want to beer-bong a strawberry daquiri, thank you.

Overall my foodball experience wasn’t too bad. I am pretty proud of myself, actually, for sticking to my guns.

I drove down to my friends’ place, and stopped to get a six pack of MGD 64. SPOILER ALERT! They taste like water. But worth it for the low-cal aspect. I almost didn’t get them, because I knew my friends had stocked up on beer, liquor, what have you, and I was hesitant to get something that would make me stick out from everyone else.

I know, that sounds pathetic.

I think it has something to do with the particular group I was visiting. We all went to college together, and we used to party. A lot. My reputation still holds up in the group, despite years of calming down on such fronts. When we all get together, everyone wants to relive the glory days and I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

(Also, I don’t like to say “I’m not drinking that much because I’m trying to lose weight” because I don’t particularly like calling attention to the fact that I am the size that I am. It’s completely obvious anyway, but, I dunno, I can’t always keep a lid on the crazy.)

Ultimately the beer situation was fine. I had to protest a few times, but I think I blew it out of proportion. I tend to do that, I’m a worrier. Anyway, I enjoyed four of my own beers, over an eight hour time frame. Are you seeing the picture I’m painting here? There I was with my four little ultralight beers surrounded by a steady stream of beer and a whirlwind of shots (sweet sassy molassy, they did so many shots – I was hurting just watching them) and vodka-soaked watermelon. FOR. EIGHT. HOURS. It was…tiring.

In terms of food, they had tons of snacks but I took it easy, I think. I had:

*A few Baked Scoops with black bean and corn salsa.
*A grand total of, like, 2 potato chips or something like that. I was pretty proud of myself for leaving them alone.
*A couple bites of spinach-artichoke dip with 2 club crackers.
*Shrimp cocktail. Throughout the night I maybe had about 10 of them, maybe? I didn’t keep track. But I figured they had protein so out of everything they were my best bet? I have no idea if that is the right line of thinking.

My favorite part was that I had a turkey burger for dinner. I didn’t know those were going to be there, and I was happy. I’m fairly confident that they are much healthier than their red-meat friends so even served with cheese and a bun, I was still happy with my choice.

So that was my trip! I got home today, and as I mentioned, just fixed myself some lunch. I sautéed onions and red cabbage in just a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and a tablespoon of black bean sauce (equal to maybe 15 calories) and then put it over spinach. It is unbelievably delicious. Seriously. [EDIT: I forgot to add, I also had a glass of milk and a fish oil caplet. Shiny hair, here I come!]

Oh and there was no exercising of any kind yesterday. Also, that laundry and cleaning? Didn’t happen. But I have a good excuse! …I didn’t feel like it. Eh? Eh?

(Still listening and watching all things GLEE-related. I am in love with this show)

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