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10 September 2009

...I stayed on the treadmill only to finish watching Color Splash on HGTV. I just wanted you to know that.

Had another phone interview today. It went well, I think. I felt I was confident and said the right things. Ha, of course, this means that I completely offended them and I’ll never hear from them again. It always works that way with me. I think I did terrible = hired. I think I did great = Bye forever.

I had leftover nerves from the interview so I went to the gym – I’m hoping to train myself in some kind of pavlovian sense. Get rid of nerves/worries = Gym! Ha, and because I worry all the time this will be quite good for my fitness.

The gym today was good. I did 50 minutes on the treadmill. Only TWO were jogging. But they were at a higher incline and speed than I’ve ever done, so I’m okay with it. Being able to run an impressive amount of time or speed isn’t really my goal anyway. I just did a lot of aggressive walking, and changed the incline and speed a lot.

I really do love my little gym. It’s a women-only gym, because, um, have you met me? I’m a raging mess of insecurity; I don’t need to add any more degrees of self-consciousness than I already have! So I feel like I do have my very own trust-tree at the gym, which is nice.

The ridiculous thing though, and I know my gym isn’t the only one, is its location. It’s in a tiny little community shopping center, tucked away from sight. To get to it you have to walk around the outward-facing strip of stores to get to the other side – and you can get to it by walking past either end of the strip.

One one end? Dairy Queen and a seriously amazingly crucial Indian Buffet.
The other end? A pizza place and a wing place.

…seriously. The pizza and wing place aren’t a big deal for me so I go that way. I love pizza, but it’s a sit down place so…I’m not THAT tempted. And I don’t really like wings, too much effort is involved to eat those damned things.

But I love Indian food and ice cream (not together!) so I never ever go that way. I wouldn’t actually sit down at the buffet by myself, but the smells are enough to make me ravenous. And I don’t even think I have to explain to you the ice cream.

The other silly thing about my gym is the weight machines. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but other than the times I’ve gone in the past couple weeks, the last time I went to my gym was in October of 2008. In that time they upgraded their weight machines. I’ve used some of the new ones before at other gyms but others just…leave me baffled so I avoid them. I’ll gradually try them, after I give the side-eye to people using them and try and figure it out that way. If I didn’t I would feel exactly like this:
Brian Regan - The Gym
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PS: Every single time I have gotten in my car to go to the gym, either the way there or the way back I’ve heard Shakira’s new song, She Wolf. Has anyone heard this? And does it do horrible things to everyone else’s central nervous system like it does to mine? I mean, I generally like Shakira; Hips Don’t Lie and Whenever, Wherever were my jams…but this song just…*shudder*.

Listening to: Wait for Me – Jamie Lidell

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