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07 September 2009

Just for funsies.

I’m in an optimistic mood today. The weight loss may have something to do with that. Also, another thing you’ll learn about me is my love of making lists. Seriously, I would make a list of lists I have to make.

With all of that in mind, here are some things that I like or that make me happy:

*losing weight*beagles*football season*swimming*a certain boy*fall weather*jon stewart*road trips*coffee*picnics*nail polish*harry potter*office supplies*farmers markets*long, hot showers*aviator sunglasses*tobias funke*belting songs in my car*camping*hello kitty*california*friends that are like family*down comforters*cooking*london*writing letters*fridges when they're covered in pictures*gardens*the word 'clever'*polka dots*and clearly,using lower case letters for everything.

What things make you happy??

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