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07 September 2009

Breaking of the Fast

I am not what you would call a picky eater. I think that’s fairly obvious. But there are a few food items for which I have very particular standards of preparation or texture, taste, etc. One of those food items is apples. I love apples but I won’t touch one if it is in any way soft, or if I can tell the apple is thinking about going soft. I like them so crisp and taut that they’re difficult to bite into, and the neighboring townspeople can hear me chewing.

This morning I had one of the most perfect apples ever. Of the gala variety, it was perfectly crisp and juicy and sweet. Agh, it was so good. So for breakfast:

*1 perfect gala apple
*(2) egg subst. with salsa (each egg was 1/4 of a cup, totaling 60 calories, plus the 20-30 cals of salsa, roughly)
*Cup of coffee with Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffee Mate.
*Fish oil caplet with a glass of water


I go through phases of foods that I like. I’ll eat the same thing over and over again for three weeks and then grow tired of it. You can see I'm in the midst of an affair with eggs and salsa. I’m just now getting over my addiction to my chicken salad (chicken, light mayo, craisins, green apple chunks).

Right now I’m trying to use spinach as often as I can, and incorporate blueberries into my meals in fun ways. I’m lucky that so many healthy foods are bright and colorful and can make for a visually appealing meal because I like to look at my food just as much as I like to eat it. It’s fun for me to do research on healthy food recipes and types of foods to eat, and come up with my own creations and have that creative outlet. It’s good for my brain, my body, and my waistline!

This is not to say that I don’t love stuffing my face with chinese food, pizza, and any snack cake Little Debbie has ever made, because SWEET JEEBUS I DO. But it’s kind of a comfort to know that maybe I already have tools that will help me lose this weight, and I don’t have to be completely on guard against myself for a year, or forever. It’s nice to be able to trust yourself, even just a little bit, isn’t it?

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